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scary? no. this skinny-tailed-swabby is the way to go. Todd, after his first session on it, “…it felt like butter in a boiling hot pan…I think I did the best layback turn of my life on that board.”

This is the fastest trim speed board ever. Ideal for pointbreaks, this board has incredible drive and projection down the line due to the fuller nose outline and low entry rocker. The narrowness of the winged swallowtail makes it super responsive rail-to-rail allowing it to turn on a dime even if your back foot isn’t right on the tail. The bottom features an even single concave running the length of the board with double concaves inset through the fin cluster….this gives the Scarecrow perfect hold complemented by full tilt speed. Runs typically with two larger side fins and small trailer, but can also be ridden as a thruster; or with a five fin plug set-up to run as quad or thruster. Ride this board six inches shorter and one inch wider than your normal good waves shortboard. Ask Matt Coulter about it…

FIN CONFIGURATION: large M.R. style twins, or large twins with small trailer, thruster, or as a five fin options to ride as any of those as well as quad.

WAVE PREFERENCES: small to medium sized pointbreaks; knee high to head high.

AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: single wing swallowtail or roundtail

RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: intermediate to expert

Optional upgrades…

5 fin install & fins to ride as quad/thruster at an additional $45.

Scarecrow popular dimensions

all boards can be completely customized during custom order process

coming soon

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