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Monsta Carver Skateboard


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This board will help you to surf better than you’ve ever surfed in your life. A real-deal crosstrainer to shred the pavement between surf sessions….so the next time you have the perfect section bowling up in front of you, you’ll blast it like a walk in the park.

**NOTE: We ship Monsta Carvers same day

Da MONSTA 2-PAK Includes:

  1. Monsta surfboard customized in construction of your choice
  2. Monsta Carver skateboard @ 10% off

OPTION 1: Buy your Monsta Carver online don’t need da Monsta surfboard

OPTION 2: Order your Monsta surfboard + skateboard 2-Pak in the online shop

OPTION 3: Custom Order Your Monsta 2-PAK & Custom Tune your Monsta surfboard with Todd. Fill out form below